I am happy to report that we are expanding our email communication system to allow us to provide results too. Until recently, you can only request an appointment by email. We still encourage this as my MOA Angela is not there everyday, and the other MOA’s cannot help very much as each doctor has its own separate practice.

With the new system, and as of April 2016, we can provide you with the results of certain tests. It is important to understand what we tested.


The vaginal swabs are employed to test for STDs (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas), Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeasts (The big 5 as I call them). In some cases, we only request to check for specific conditions, such as Bacterial Vaginosis. I will let you know what test we are ordering. Because of concerns about privacy, we will let you know in the email if the swabs are negative or normal. If positive, we’ll call you and discuss treatment, or we may want you to come back to the office to discuss. The results take 5-7 business days.


The Pap test is to detect early cervical cancer precursors. If detected at this stage, the condition can be treated relatively easily and the cancer is prevented. The result takes about 6 weeks as it goes down to Vancouver. We will let you know if the result is negative or normal, and just as important, when you need the next one. If abnormal, we’ll call you and discuss treatment, or we may want you to come back to the office to discuss.


The biopsies are from the endometrium, cervix or vulva. Results take 2-3 weeks. Because each case is different, I will let you know if we can communicate by email, or if you need to come to the office to review the result. This is important when we need to discuss management options as well, which can be based upon the result.

The College is very strict about email communications as they may be intercepted, and privacy is of paramount importance. If you want the results communicated by email, then we’ll need your email address and your signed consent. Please understand that we cannot discuss management or treatment options by email.


Unfortunately, to provide a new consultation, the Medical Services Plan requires a referral from you Family Doctor if you were seen more than 6 months before. We understand this is an inconvenience, but we need to follow the rules of the province. I know in Alberta it is 2 years, and I believe in Saskatchewan is the same, but we live in Beautiful BC.


As many of you know, I like writing in my spare time. I have published many articles in scientific journals, but I will provide here the links to the articles that were published in the Daily Courier of Kelowna.