By Phone: 250-763-0640
By Fax: 250-763-0640

Office hours vary according to Dr Leon's activities. Patients are seen most days between 9 am and 4 pm.

You will need a referral from your primary care physician or provider for a consultation, by letter or fax. Their office will contact us, or you could phone our office directly, but your appointment will be confirmed only after your referral is received. Most patients have an appointment wait-time of approximately 2 weeks.

If it is urgent, your Doctor should inform us. If you can come on short notice, it will speed up your waiting time. Our office will contact you shortly before your visit to remind you, and confirm the date and time of your appointment.

We use the phone to give you results that are straightforward, for example, your pap test was normal, needs repeat in 2 years, your swab was negative for infection and other similar results. We call you when we get results, no appointments are required. If it requires extensive discussion and explanation, it is better to do it personally in the office, or by Medeo. If you are expecting a call about a result, and the call doesn’t come, please contact us by mail or phone as rarely the results are misplaced.

Medeo is a virtual care technology which connects health providers with their patients online for private video visits, secure messaging, and other virtual care applications. Medeo gives patients the freedom to discuss results and make plans without having to come to the office, especially for out of town patients. However, you need to download the app, and need a specific date and time (like an office appointment) to connect.

Dr Leon travels to Merritt for 1-2 days a month to provide gynecological services. Your Doctor can send the referral to the Kelowna Office. Your appointment will be arranged by your Doctor’s office, or you can call our Kelowna office 250-763-0640, .

Please arrive at the Nicola Valley Health Centre 5-10 min before your appointment time and report to the front desk. You will need to complete the new patient questionnaire, or you can download it here and bring it to your appointment. Please make sure you have the list of medications you are taking, even over the counter ones.

I cannot perform all tests and exams as in my Kelowna office, so in selected cases, and I will explain why, I will make arrangements for you to come to Kelowna.

If a follow up is required, especially if it is just to review or confirm results, we can make arrangements to do it by phone, or through a computer program called Medeo (Medical Skype).

If surgery is required, I will make appointments for you to see colleagues in Kelowna, as I stopped operating when I gave up obstetrics (maternity care).

After your family doctor refers you for an appointment, Angela will be glad to help you. Her professionalism, friendliness and organizational skills are much appreciated by our patients.

It is very important that you let us know, as soon as possible, if you can't make your appointment. Please call the office directly at 250-763-0640 to cancel your appointment, preferably with 24-48 hours notice.

We always try to minimize the waiting time. When you arrive for your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your personal and medical information. In order to save yourself some time, we invite you to download the questionnaire so that you can complete it at home, and then bring it with you to your appointment.

Please note that Medicare does not cover certain services, such as insurance forms and transfer of records. You can enquire with the medical office assistant.